The Team


Cory Sanderson

Cory is a inventive thinker who is very helpful by nature – he is a craft brewer and renovator – he grew up around cameras as his Father has had a camera shop for the past 20 years.  Having filmed over 200 wedding, Cory has developed a foresight for things that might happen – like anticipating a moment between a mother and daughter or noticing the reactions of loved ones during speeches.


Samantha Sanderson

Samantha is a mother of one, soon to be two! So when she’s not spending time with her little one, she’s handling all of our email correspondence, accounts and creative editing – she has also captured a tonne of weddings too and has a real talent for predicting the moments that slip by so briefly, so you can watch them over again.


Brodi Bathgate

Brodi has a real talent for stylish angles – and his calm personality never wavers.  Growing up with Cory he was destined to develop a passion for film, which led to Brodi delving into (and aceing!) videography and film courses at university to further fuel his passion.  These brothers have a real a creative way of thinking that just comes naturally.